CT (Computed Tomography)

Tulsa ENT of Ears, Nose, and Throat, Inc. of ENT Tulsa is able to provide the CT (Computed Tomography) in our office for the convenience of our patients. Call 918.582.8217 for your CT appointment and analysis.

Having a CT machine in our office allows us to quickly take, receive and review X-rays with a specialized technology using the computer. Many people know it as a CAT scan or computerized axial tomography. It is now commonly referred to as safety computerized tomography because we use all three planes versus just using the axial plane. By also including the other two dimensional views (the sagittal and the coronal planes), it allows us just to see the enormous detail inside the body to make the most accurate diagnosis.

The main advantage of having this equipment in the office is it allows us to more accurately “see” and diagnose a patient while he or she is still in the office; particularly if Dr. Cordray is not sure if the patient has a sinus infection, sinus disease or a tumor. With the proper diagnosis, ENT Tulsa specialist Dr. Cordray can take them right back into another room and get a computerized CTE and take a look at it right then and there. The patient doesn’t have to go back to another facility or to the hospital or an outpatient imaging center.

We have that information right there where Dr. Cordray can get back with a patient and explain to them exactly what the issue is and suggest an appropriate treatment. If you are experiencing recurrent sinus infections, pain or pressure headaches over your sinuses and you are not getting any relief with antibiotics, decongestants or intranasal steroids, please call and make an appointment with us at 918.582.8217.

We will see if you’re a good candidate to have a computerized CT and then subsequently will review it together with you. From there, ENT Tulsa specialist Dr. Corday will suggest the treatment plan that will best resolve your issue.