Are you experiencing sinus problems and looking for an ENT in the Tulsa area? Well, look no further because you found Tulsa ENT. At Tulsa ENT we provide pain-free surgery right in the comfort of our office. Whether you’re experiencing sinus problems, throat issues, or earaches we can handle it and we can get you feeling better in no time. Competitors might say that they can do it the best but we strongly disagree. Schedule your appointment today with Tulsa ENT.

When you come into Tulsa ENT Dr. Cordray will take time to explain his analysis and recommendations to make sure that you are getting these services you need rather than some pointless surgery. We want to get it right the first time and we make sure that we do. Dr. Cordray got his medical degree at Oklahoma State University osteopathic medicine where he perfected his specialty training. It was one of the first states to form balloon sinuplasty. And he is also the leader in state-of-the-art painless office-based sinus and nasal surgery. Along with all of these professional skills, we also have a very kind and professional staff who are trained to make you feel at home and safe while you are here. Whether before surgery or just a checkup.

Most of his Tulsa ENT surgeries can be performed in-office using pain-free or pain minimization techniques. So when you’re sinus issues are becoming and receive a painless or pain minimized surgery by a doctor who knows what he’s doing. You won’t have to worry about the professionalization of the doctor or worry about being in loads of pain after the surgery because he has perfected these techniques and wants to make you feel the best you felt in a long time. Sinus, throat and ear issues shouldn’t be a problem, let us handle it and stop putting yourself through the uncomfort of these problems.

When it comes to the highest quality sinus relief we are definitely that. Dr. Cordray has been involved in medical missions in Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America trying to solve sinus, throat, and ear problems all over the world. Making people feel better one day at a time. Next to all of the proof of our excellence we also have tons of Google reviews for you to look over is the highest-rated ENT and Tulsa. Compared to competitors we beat their rates by almost 2 stars. Here it from real people and real clients. Along with tons of testimonials on our website that you can check out at

If you are having ear nose or throat issues and are looking to get them resolved by a professional Dr. with lots of experience Dr. Cordray at Tulsa ENT is the right place to be. You can set up an appointment today on our website or give us a call at (918)582-8217. Whatever sinus problems you might have we are willing to give our all to make you feel better. Put your ear, nose and throat problems in the past and come in today.

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when you’re sinus issues get to the point where you need serious really fast Dr. Cordray at Tulsa ENT will provide you with the best high-quality surgeries that give you a pain-free or paid minimize recovery. Our services are outstanding compared to competitors because of the techniques that Dr. Cordray uses. Some of the services were techniques that he uses to explain in his analysis and recommendations when you meet with him. We want to provide pain-free surgery to you and get you feeling better than ever fast.

Dr. Cordray at Tulsa ENT promises perfection most of his pain-free oral pain minimalized surgeries can be performed in-office so that you are comfortable and do not need to be transferred to a hospital. Keeps it easy and simple for you along with being pain-free and comfortable. With a very kind professional Dr. and staff you will be in and out with less or no sinus, throat, or ear issues long-term. Dr. Cordray is the only doctor in Tulsa that uses balloon sinuplasty and was one of the highest-rated ENT in Tulsa. Along with his pain-free or pain minimalized promises he also promises amazing service from him and his staff every single time someone comes in. We want to provide the best services that you would want to refer us to other people. You and your family is our highest priority. We want to treat you like you are our own family.

To get to know Dr. Cordray at Tulsa ENT a little bit, he got his osteopathic medicine medical degree from Oklahoma State University. He was among the first in the state to perform the balloon sinuplasty and is also the leader in state-of-the-art painless office-based sinus and nasal surgery. He can also perform surgeries for a variety of other disease issues. He works on tonsils, ear tubes repairing eardrums, obstructive sleep apnea surgery and removing head and neck tumors. And he has also been involved in medical missions in Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America to help people from all over the world with these issues not only ENT issues but the issues related above as well.

If you don’t take our word for it then look us up on Google where you can find our outstanding ratings from real clients like you and real people who have worked with us. We are the highest-rated ear nose and throat doctor in the Tulsa area meeting competitors reviews by almost 2 stars. We want to provide the most high-quality surgeries and experiences for you and your family to appreciate and enjoy if you would like to look us up you can check out our testimonial videos on our website at where you can see what clients think about us firsthand on video and in-person just for you to see. If you are ready for your ear nose and throat issues to get washed down the drain please visit our website to set up an appointment or call us at (918)582-8217 to set up an appointment and would be happy to serve you and your nasal issues.