The first step in finding the correct ENT Tulsa for you is identifying exactly what services you are needing. As year nose and throat specialist, you need to decide which ENT is going to build provide the area that is causing you problems the best treatment. While while in ENT is going to be old provide you with treatment for your years, nose, and throat doctors typically have a specialty in one area or another. Figuring out what each doctors specialization is should be the number one factor in deciding who to choose.

For example, Dr. Scott Cordray considers him in the ENT Tulsa sinus disease specialist. This means that if you are suffering from sinus disease you should go to no one else. We have dedicated ourselves to being the absolute experts when it comes to making sure the any of our customer suffering from sinus disease receive the absolute most cutting-edge techniques and treatments from us. This makes us extremely confident saying that you are not going to receive a higher level of medical attention for these issues anywhere else. So if you want nothing but the best treatment when it comes to sinus diseases choose Tulsa ENT for your treatments.

One of the reasons that we are the ENT Tulsa that is going to be able to treat your sinus disease is better than anyone else is because we are the only ones that offer a balloon sinuplasty. This is a very innovative and cutting edge technique that you will build receive nowhere else. Only at Tulsa ENT are you going to build receive a sinuplasty that is going to be pain-free! That’s right you’re going to build receive a sinuplasty that is free of pain and does not have the lengthy recovery time typically associate with procedure. If you like take advantage of this amazing new breakthrough you are going to have to visit Dr. Scott Cordray and no one else.

If you would like to hear from the horses mouth and listen to our real life current and former customers who have successfully been treated by Dr. Cordray them visit our website. Log on to and click on the testimonials tab and you will see many videos that have been left describing the experience that our customers have had. They will be able to tell you not only what to expect before-and-after your visit, it also the amazing benefits the procedures and services had for them afterwards. Is our goal to make each and every patient of ours lives dramatically different after they receive services from our doctors. Waste no more time in contact us to schedule your first appointment today!

If you think the you are a perfect candidate for treatment from one of our amazing services please check out our beautiful website. Not only do we have a great description of our services and video testimonials from former customers, but you also be a learn more about Dr. Cordray himself. All you do to receive these benefits is log on to Please go ahead and give us a call at (918) 582-8217 and schedule your first appointment today!

When you are looking for in ENT Tulsa you probably want to make sure that you choose a doctor that is truly special. It is our opinion that Dr. Scott Cordray falls into that category. There are many different things that makes Dr. Cordray truly unique. Whether it’s his dedication to becoming known as a sinus disease expert and offering leading cutting-edge techniques and equipment, or participating in medical missions and Africa, Asia, Central America, and South. There also reasons in between is truly special.

Did you know that Dr. Cordray was not only the first ENT Tulsa to provide balloon sinuplasty but also one of the very first in the state? That’s right Dr. Cordray was one of the early adopters of this amazing technique that has truly transformed the procedure. He adopted this procedure so that he can give his customers and patients a pain-free alternative to traditional sinuplasty procedures. It has been his commitment to providing his customers with the very best cutting-edge techniques that has led to his success as a ENT in the area.

If you like to use a ENT Tulsa that is diversified enough to take care of routine things such as ear tubes and tonsillectomy’s, as well as more advanced procedures such as obstructive sleep apnea procedures and removing head neck tumors. That’s right very few your nose and throat doctors can claim that they routinely remove head and neck tumors. This is typically an area outside of a regular ENTs comfort zone. However with our doctors knowledge, experience, and skill it is something that he can perform and execute at a high-level on a routine basis. You can rest assured whenever using Dr. Cordray the you’re receiving the absolute best medical treatment there is to offer.

If you want to see something truly amazing all you do is visit our website and visit our testimonials tab. How many doctors do you know that give you direct access to hear what their former patients, clients, and customers have to say. By visiting this tab you’re going to be able to hear straight from the horses mouth as to what makes our company the very best of what we do. Our customer tell you what you can expect whenever you visit our office before and after the procedure. You’ll quickly realize that we are dedicated to not only providing you with quality medical services, but also giving you a great human experience. We understand that no matter how routine or small the procedure may be, it is often times big and scary to our patients. We like to help you guys overcome this and make you feel comfortable and safe while in our care.

If you would like to visit one of the very most unique ENTs and all of Tulsa then start out by visiting our website. You can go to and learn more about our practice and our Dr. You can also schedule appointment off of the home page and we will be in contact with you shortly. If you would rather call into our offices and speak with one of our customer service representatives please dial in the phone.