ENT Tulsa | Should I get my child’s tonsils removed?

Bottom Dr Cordray
The vast majority of adults who are over their forties salt an ENT Tulsa specialist when they were really young and got their tonsils removed. That is because for our grandparents generation it was very normal for tonsils to automatically get removed when the child is quite young. Why this is because we thought the tonsils were unnecessary and were only likely to cause issues instead of prevent them. It is much easier to do a tonsillectomy when a child is Young compared to when you are an adult which is why it was standard to remove them when the child is run the age of five. However this is not common practice anymore.

This may be something that you are contemplating because you have a child who is consistently sick or who is having trouble sleeping. It can be very hard to take your child to an ENT Tulsa specialist knowing that they may have to have surgery. Any time you see your child sick it can be very difficult for the parent to watch them suffer in any type of form. However we know that as a parent your goal is to make sure that your child is feeling the very best that they can and is in the best health possible.

The only time that we encourage tonsils being taken out is if there are clear signs that getting them removed is going to be the best solution possible for the symptoms of in prison. It is not something that we like resorting to as an ENT Tulsa specialist but it is definitely still something that could be necessary in certain cases. If you are just fine to get your child’s tonsils removed for fear that they can cause issues in the future we encourage you to consult with us before trying to move forward with anyone. We want to avoid surgery as much as a possible unless it is the very best option for the symptoms that are occurring.

There are many different services that are lot less intense than getting a tonsillectomy and we would love to be able to explore those options with you before discussing surgery. The first step in any type of process when it comes to getting treatment is diagnosing the heart of the issue compared to just looking at what the symptoms are. We want to make sure that we fully understand what is causing your child to not be able to sleep well or to constantly be getting sick. Then we’ll be able to discuss what is causing the symptoms and be able to form a treatment plan around it.

If you believe that your child is in need of a ear nose and throat doctor or any type of doctor we highly encourage that you do the research required to make a confident and comfortable decision. Talking to your primary care physician to make sure that they are comfortable with the doctor that you choose can also help you make the right decision. As a doctor in the community we love being able to refer our patients to other doctors who we have seemed to be credible.

ENT Tulsa | Runny Nose?

We all know that kid back in elementary school who always had a runny nose and it makes me wonder if their parents should have taken them to an ENT Tulsa. Having a runny nose is something that we all experienced at some point in our life and it can range from a ton of different reasons that could be behind the cost. If this is something that you experience more frequently than most it might be a good opportunity to go ahead and book an appointment with a ear nose throat specialist. If there is an underlying reason that at the root of the problem there could be a treatment that can solve it almost in its entirety.

If you choose us to be your ear nose and throat specialist we will be absolutely thrilled to give you the best care possible. They’re many ENT Tulsa specialist for you to choose from and we are extremely honored that you decided to come into our Clinic. We hope that you were able to give us a quick search on Google so that you can read some of our Google reviews and get an idea of what others are experiencing when they come to our facility. You’ll be greeted with smiles and will be very intentional to make sure that your experience is at the absolute best that you could be.

There are many different services that we provide that are specifically built around the nose. When you come to it ENT Tulsa the nose is one of the most common areas that we are treating. That’s because of your experiencing any kind of sinus pain or sinus infections usually the nose is the place that gets affected the most. It is very common for anybody to be experiencing some type of sinus infection or allergies at some point in their life but if this is something that you were experiencing several times of year there is usually underlies lightning cause that is not getting treated.

That is why we encourage you to not just go to a primary care physician but have them refer you to a ear nose and throat specialist as they are going to be able to find the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms. If you let the root of the problem go long enough it can become very hard for it to be treated and then you’re going to be stuck with those symptoms. We would love to be your go-to ear nose and throat doctor in the area and are extremely honored that you are going to be coming bass.

The best thing that you can do if you’re wanting to experience less runny noses is to go ahead and get your appointment books. We can get books at very quickly so we highly encourage that you give us a call today or go ahead and stop. Will absolutely work with your busy schedule and are going to try to get you in as quickly as possible so that you do not have to deal with this issue any longer.