ENT Tulsa | Surgery or No Surgery?

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Sometimes as ENT Tulsa specialist we have to put a very hard decision in our patients hands. As a doctor it is our job to let you know what the symptoms are from and give you a clear diagnosis and then be able to give you what options are going to be best for you. Outside of that is up to the patient to decide what action they’re wanting to take next. This can be really hard for some patients as sometimes the answer is not overly clear and you could be unsure of what it is that you’re wanting to decide.

One of the times that we see a decision being very hard for a patient’s is whether or not they need to get a tonsillectomy. Because as an ENT Tulsa specialist we are a little limited on how we can view the tonsils we don’t necessarily know how desperate they need to come out until we are actually able to look at them during the surgery. A lot of times if you’re even considering or been consulted to get a tonsillectomy it is because you’ve been dealing with some unmanageable symptoms for some time now.

A lot of people if they are considering getting a tonsillectomy as an adult it is a last resort solution to years of a lot of issues. This ENT Tulsa C is what most often people who are considering a tonsillectomy as adults are those who have experienced a lot of sicknesses throughout their life. Although we can absolutely see if it tonsils are inflamed or if you have a series of past throat related sicknesses such as strep or mono it is still your decision whether or not you want to take your tonsils out.

Anytime you are considering surgery this is not a light decision or something that takes time to think about the pros and cons. Sometimes surgery is absolutely necessary and the choice is very clear but there are times where the choice is not near as clear to the patient. We highly encourage that this is something that you think about and discuss with your primary care physician along with your specialist so that you can all be on the same page.

If you believe that you are an adult who is needing to get their tonsils taken out we would love to be able to consult with you. We know that this is not something that you are doing for fun but it is something that you believe is going to be the best solution for long-term symptoms. We would love to be able to get you booked and for a consultation so that we can recommend what treatment plan we believe will be the best for you. So go ahead and stop by the sylheti so that you can see what a comfortable environment we’ve cultivated for our patients and then you’ll be able to talk to one of our industry Specialists and be able to get your appointment on the books.

ENT Tulsa | Summer time allergies?

We absolutely love the summer time here in Oklahoma as we have so many lakes that we can explore and cool off on this extremely hot days but unfortunately we see a lot of our patients at this ENT Tulsa facility during those summer months. That is because we have a very high pollen count here in Oklahoma that can cause allergies to flare up pretty much any time of the year. It is really unfortunate when these Alli allergies rear their ugly head during the summer months where you may be on vacation or enjoying your time at the lake. Take those allergies head on income to us whenever you were having those issues and we will get you booked as quickly as possible.

Allergies can present themselves in many different ways and going to an allergist is by far your best solution. However a lot of times allergist will send you to an ENT Tulsa the doctor as well so that we can explore all the other possibilities that may be causing your symptoms. Since the allergies usually present themselves in the ears nose and throat is very often that we are able to diagnose what is causing your symptoms just like allergies can. The best treatment comes from us working together in our Industries to be able to come with a customized treatment plan that is specific to the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Be able to go to the lake every single week and if you desire or take that to week-long camping trip. If you are able to be on a treatment plan that has been created by an ENT Tulsa or allergist then you will be able to conquer these allergies with ease. There are many different services that we provide in order to find the correct diagnosis and then be able to treat it in the most effective way possible. We also pride ourselves in providing affordable and efficient Solutions as we know that your life can be really busy and we don’t want this to be bogging you down in any way shape or form.

There are many different customers who have been so thrilled with our experience with this facility that they have left us Google reviews. You can find these reviews by giving us a quick search on Google and we would highly encourage that you read a couple before booking an appointment with us. That’s because we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to come to us as your ear nose and throat specialist.

Tackle these allergies head-on and don’t wait till the middle of the summer in order to try to seek out treatment. Unfortunately we do get books out pretty far in advance and so we highly encourage that you make appointments as quickly as possible so that we can get you in before your allergies get super severe. Be able to enjoy every single outdoor activity or indoor activity that used to make your symptoms flare up.