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Are you suffering from sleep apnea which leads you tired and stressed in the morning with the inability to focus during the day because you are so tired? In this case, Best Tulsa Throat Doctor is available and taking appointments at Ears, Nose and Throat, Inc. This is an incredible office that can address your sleep apnea issues and help you breathe and sleep with more ease at night. You can contact us at 918.582.8217 or

One of the common reasons why patients always turned to us and they are looking for the Best Tulsa Throat Doctor, best because we are capable of addressing sleep apnea with the ENT specialist we have in our office. We want you to know that sleep apnea is potentially a very serious sleep disorder that we see in many of our patients. Some of symptoms of sleep apnea is repeatedly starting and stopping breathing during the night or other times we were sleeping. There are many types and conditions in regards to sleep apnea and we can diagnose these specifically once you come into our office.

They want you to know that here in our office we have Dr. Cordray who is known as the Best Tulsa Throat Doctor. So you can be certain that when you schedule with us you are put in good hands. But to be more specific about the symptoms of sleep apnea is having stopped breath for more than 10 seconds as you are asleep. There are different stages of sleep and the hesitation of breathing usually occurs in the deepest level of sleep. In this case the lack of oxygen will cause you to jump awake and leave you with very little sleep throughout the night.

Sleep apnea often make you feel like you had very little sleep and then you tired and lethargic throughout the day. Loud snoring is also a key indicator that you have obstructive sleep apnea. This is because the muscles that are located at the back of your throat tend to release too much and collapsing wall breathing. This occurs the airway to be blocked not allowing an oxygen or air to enter your lungs or bloodstream. One of the interesting things that we use to diagnose sleep apnea is the circumference of your neck. This can give us a prediction of you having sleep apnea.

They’re so much more information that you can learn about sleep apnea the symptoms as well as the recovery that we can offer you all available on our website If you believe that you suffer from sleep apnea or want to have the same as specifically, and learn more about the procedures you can call 918.582.8217 to set up a consultation with a doctor. This is a simple process and we want to welcome you into our office and make you feel comfortable and will show you every step of the way to bring you back to having a peaceful night’s sleep.

Best Tulsa Throat Doctor | overcome sleep apnea

This content was written for Tulsa ENT

Many people in the Tulsa area suffer from sleep apnea, if you are one of these people we can diagnose this medical condition with you and get you started with the treatment plan. We can take your symptoms and other identifiers and provides you with the best care because you are in the hands of the Best Tulsa Throat Doctor. There is no need to be Shy just called 918.582.8217 and talk to one of our receptionist. Or sign up by giving us your information through

Even if you do not know if sleep apnea is we can ensure that the Best Tulsa Throat Doctor we have here in the office can explain the symptoms and reactions that you may be experiencing and explain to you why this is occurring. One of the very common ways and shipment plans that we offer our patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea is to use a machine that keeps your airway open while you are sleeping. This can often make patients. Claustrophobic however this is a good chance for you to see for yourself that this is a viable option. However there are easier ways to do this than just a bedside machine.

One of the simpler options is to have a specialized sleep apnea mouthguard. This mouthguard is specially designed to hold the tongue forward and down as opposed to falling back and relaxing into the throat during sleep. In simple cases such as this may be the only thing that you need, however in severe cases sometimes more treatment is needed and available in our office with the Best Tulsa Throat Doctor. We have many implants and options available for you soon as you discuss this with our doctor.

Another procedure that we offer here in this office is a ton day suspension suture, you can learn more about the specific procedure on the that this is a little more invasive when it comes to sleep apnea procedures. This includes small incisions underneath the chair where XP titanium screw is attached to the jawbone. This will create a form that holds the time out of the way that when the patient falls asleep the time will stay where it needs to be and not relaxed too far. This is a great way if you are looking for a more permanent solution to the time causing obstruction to the throat.

Of course all of these options can be spoken about with our doctor in specific if you call and make an appointment this is also simple processors because 918.582.8217 you can set up appointment and let them know that you are looking for sleep apnea solutions. It is easy to overcome sleep apnea when you choose us as your office, you can also set up an appointment or learn and more information from We want you to have a good night sleep and can assist you in doing so.